Mar 202016

After Windows 8 release Microsoft has removed windows desktop gadgets in their windows that was introduced from Windows Vista and remain in Windows 7 also. Desktop gadgets are very useful that always run on your desktop screen and shows very important and useful information e.g. CPU & RAM usage, date and time, weather updates etc.

Microsoft has removed these gadgets in windows 8/8.1/10 to improve performance of windows OS as these usage many resources like RAM usage.


Rainmeter is the alternative of desktop gadgets if you are very much fond of these earlier, rainmeter is a very light application and usage very low resources from your machine. It is very useful to monitor CPU and RAM usage. In case CPU usage exceeded (e.g. 100%) you can check the CPU hogging apps or processes using task manager at the right time to get rid of sluggish and slow performance of PC.

Download Rainmeter app from here, it is also compatible with Windows 10.

Features of Rainmeter :

Customize your desktop skins like transparency, click through, can easily drag over the screen as per user choice.

Rainmeter shows date & time, CPU & RAM usage, space available in hard drives, network status, recycle bin usage etc.

The custom screen can also be added as per requirements.