Nov 302015

Raspberry Pi Zero is the latest release by Raspberry foundation UK  that costs only $5. Raspberry Pi Zero is a fully functional computer that consisting of a motherboard with a 1 GHz Broadcom BCM 2835 processor, ARM11 core (40% faster than Raspberry Pi 1) , 512 MB RAM, a micro SD card slot, a mini-HDMI slot (1080p  video output) and two micro USB slots  one for data, and the other one for power. Hardware wise better than Pi 1 model but still behind from Raspberry Pi 2 model B that is having 900 MHz quad core processor and 1 GB of RAM.

raspberry pi zero

Raspberry Pi Zero looks like a credit card size with dimension of  65 x 30 x 5 mm, it is the smallest member of the Pi family so far. Pi Zero runs with Debian- Linux based OS Raspbian. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is giving a free Pi Zero with every copy of the December issue of their paper magazine, the MagPi.

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