Mar 102013

Android apps and your Android Smartphone can do many wonders for you such as remote control your laptop using bluetooth or wifi. For people those are involves in frequent presentations and the teachers/lecturers this is very useful function. Android smartphone can be used  as a mouse , power point slide changer.

For enabling this feature you have to install All in one remote Android apps from google play store. After installing this android apps also download a small software to configure bluetooth remote inside your laptop, download it from here .

"android apps"

After installing the laptop application according to your OS (windows/linux/mac) double click on the application to open it and keep open through the remote control. Now from pc application’s general tab note down the bluetooth server or wifi server address. Now open your Android app in mobile and in apps setting (gear icon) choose connection type as bluetooth, in bluetooth settings type bluetooth server address as shown in laptop application and press ok. Now in mobile app dashboard click connect, if bluetooth not turned on earlier application will open bluetooth. Now when asked to pair the device type same password in laptop and pair the device, and you are done.

Now choose various options in All in one remote e.g. mouse pad, file manager, power point, game pad and enjoy your free bluetooth remote for laptop.

See the application author’s guide taken from play store-