Oct 282012

Ribbon stereo bluetooth streamer a device to stream your audio remotely –

I hope as like me everybody should have must thought once that there should be a device using that we can play our songs inside home theater, car stereo system without actually connecting the device to stereo speakers from remotely.

For example when you are working on the laptop and your stereo system is somewhere far from your reach you can not listen or songs, or if you are working in kitchen then everytime you have to change the tracks by going to your mobile,tablet or laptop.

"ribbon bluetoothBlue Ant come up with a device Ribbon stereo bluetooth streamer using that you can stream your media from any buetooth enabled device like ipod, tablet, laptop, mobile etc. You can simply connect your stereo system with 3.5mm jack to it and can play your songs remotely using bluetooth. The device can clip onto clothes or just hangout in a cup holder in the car. It even works as a remote for playback or calls.

The Ribbon has an iPhone on screen battery meter so you always know how much charge you have left and there is a free Android Application* so you can hear your text messages** read back through your Ribbon.

3 Ways to Play

Wear It – connect your headphones and listen to the music.
Stream It – in the car for music and GPS directions from an app on your phone.
Share It – at home through your Hi-fi, speaker dock or surround sound.

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