Nov 162017

How to run two Whatsapp account on OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 3T has parallel app options in settings using that you can run two WhatsApp or Facebook accounts on single mobile. Suppose you have WhatsApp account associated with two mobile numbers and what to use both in your mobile, one may be your personal account and second may be used for official purposes.

How to activate parallel app in OnePlus 3T

To activate parallel apps go to settings and tap over Apps under Personal head. Now click on parallel app and here you will found apps those are supported for run on parallel like WhatsApp and Facebook. Now enable WhatsApp here by slider. After enabling this you will see another WhatsApp icon inside app launcher.

On the second WhatsApp icon establish new account as usual when we create on new mobile.

Oneplus 3T

Oneplus 3T-3

OnePlus 3T-4


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