Nov 282015

Low internal memory is a very common problem with many smartphone and tablet users due to limitation of their phone/Tablet/devices. For example in iPhone lowest price option is 16GB and there is no memory card or USB otg support. Though phones have cloud storage but without internet connection it is of no use. Suppose you are going on long holiday or on travel and not able to store your camera photos / videos due to memory limitation.


Sandisk connect wireless stick has come with solution of this problem with wifi enabled USB storage disk, using this disk you can connect your iPhone, Android phone, and tablet. You can store data on this disk and can also stream videos, music to play back in your devices. At a time three devices can be connected and stream videos.

Sandisk Connect wireless stick come with built in wifi and a usb 2.0 connector that can be used as normal usb disk also and used to charge this device. After fully charge you can have about 4.5 hours of continue video streaming.


By default device has open access using wifi , but it can also be secured using password to avoid unauthorized  access. There is button on usb disk to on and off wifi feature. To use device you have to install Sandisk connect app from iOS or android play store. This disk also have ability to auto save your iPhone camera roll.

Sandisk Connect wireless USB stick come in various memory options 16/32/64/128 GB. In India it is available on Amazon and Flipkart.