Oct 282012

Senseye – A technology to control your Tablet using your eye

Have you remember the Mission Impossible 4 scene where scanning of documents through eye sensor has been shown. This is now going to become a reality.

The Eye Tribe (formerly known as Senseye) a software development company came up with software that works with an infrared LED and the phone or tablet’s front-facing camera. The LED lights up the eye, and the camera picks up an image that is interpreted by the software to show where the user is looking.

Using this Senseye software you can scroll your Tablet/mobile screen, play games over it and can also give other command using touch screen.

See the video below –

Technology behind Senseye –

The image captured by the front-facing camera of the smartphone or tablet is analyzed using computer-vision algorithms. The software can then determine the location of the eyes and estimate where you’re looking on the screen with an accuracy good enough to know which icon you’re looking at.

The version showcased in the videos uses the “EyeDock”, an add-on with an inexpensive webcam and an infrared LED. These are standard components and can be integrated into a mobile device using the front-facing camera and a built-in LED.

The Eye Tribe now establishing connections and partnerships with mobile manufacturers and carriers to bring this technology to the market. The first device with the software is expected to hit the market in 2013.

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