Nov 102012

Windows 8 has been released officially from Oct 26 worldwide now you can buy it or can upgrade your existing windows 7 PC. If you have already purchased a PC/Laptop with windows 7  between June 2, 2012, and January 31, 2013 you can avail windows discounted upgrade offer in US$14.99 only.

But there are many rumours between people about windows 8, that confuses everyone that one should upgrade windows 8 or not. Let’s found the answers of some of basic questions to decide, you should upgrade win 8 or not.

"windows 8"

The things which are restricting users to go for windows 8-

  • Win 8 is completely changed in look, it is apps based OS and customised to fit both the requirement for touch pad tablets, touch screens and normal laptops/desktops.
  • When you login you will not see a traditional desktop interface, in place of that you will found a metro style tile interface, desktop is also a one part of these tiles.
  • When you go to desktop there is no start button that is a big annoying for every windows user, for finding everything e.g. my computer, control panels, applications, etc. ; you have to do struggle.
  • Some apps that open in full screen, there is no close button to end them, and you have to use task manager to end them as like in smartphones.
  • Many system drivers are not available for old machines, manufactures are doing continuous work on releasing new drivers for their products to meet windows 8 requirement.
  • Many applications and games those are working fine may have compatibility issues in windows 8, e.g. Symantec endpoint protection not works in win 8.

Reply against the above restrictions –

  • Every time when windows changed its version e.g. when windows XP, Vista, 7 came first time, users have difficulties but soon they are familiarise with windows new looks. When Vista came first time users have some difficulties like compatibility issues etc. but soon every manufacturer have released their updated product to meet the new OS requirement.
  • This time window changed its startup look by changing traditional desktop and start menu with tile interface. But you can found many start menus software (free or paid) using them you can use as windows 8 like windows 7’s tradition start menu.
  • It will take some time to you familiar with win 8 UI but you will found many new features in win 8 like it is very efficient and boot up /shut down is very fast. Even win 8 startup time is faster than Apple’s latest macbook and many linux distros. It also uses less memory to run apps in compared to windows 7.
  • File copying is also very fast from windows 7. Task manager and search is now very enhanced. You will found ribbon interface in explorer also as like MS Office 2007/10. You can choose your option very fast using this ribbon interface.
  • Windows 8 has its own online apps store as like apple’s itune. Also you can configure your windows live account to access skydrive directly from apps and can work locally, your files automatically sync with skydrive.

I think one should definitely go for windows 8, after sometime you will get update to system drivers and applications those are not compatible with windows 8 now.

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