Sep 272011

One day with the Smartphone – How technology changed our life

I am sharing with you my one day experience with the smart phone, this is a way to express that how technology changed our lives.

I wake up in the morning with the alarm of my smartphone with my favorite Jagjeet Singh’s Ghajal. When I turn off my alarm I get to know from reminder that today is a birthday of my 4 friends. I sms my friends and wish them birthday greetings.

Now I am ready to go to office and at the time of breakfast I got an email of my boss that today is an urgent meeting at 10:30 so be prepared with all documents. I rushed to office and prepared all the documents.

In the office I need to convert some of the units of engineering formula and also solve some engg. equations , but I found that in due to hurry I forgot my scientific calculator at home. Now what , I remembered that in my smartphone I am having unit converter and scientific calculator apps,  I opened them and finished my calculations.

At 10:15 am I get the news that meeting is reschedule at 12:00   pm at a hotel in somewhere in New Delhi.  I have to reach the location, but I don’t know much about this location so I opened my smartphone Google maps and sygic navigator apps and reached the destination on time as per the route told by sygic navigator.

In the meeting there were some of Chinese  personnel, then I use translator application of  my phone to communicate them.   At 2PM meeting was finished and I was very hungry , but I don’t know any restaurants in that location so use Google maps places service and found a very famous restaurant by walking distance and also found a ATM nearby. I went to ATM and withdraw some of cash then took my Lunch at restaurant ant leave for office again.

After finishing all works of office I came back my home at 7:00 PM and after refreshing I start you tube and watched my favorite serial that I have missed .

Now I have done some of call to my friends and relatives  using Skype  application over the WiFi.


That’s how I spend my a day with my smartphone , besides these there are a lot of countless applications available those you can use as per your requirement.

Technology made your life simpler and easier  and much more productive this is an example of this.

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  • Kelly S.

    I agree that devices have permeated almost every activity that I do–from waking up in the morning with the alarm, to navigating the world around me, learning about my industry and interacting with friends and colleagues. It makes us more productive and less productive in so many ways. I’m interested to see the next generation of devices and only expect them to become more integral to our lives.

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