Oct 282012

Tablet Vs Laptop what is difference

If you are thinking that Tablet is a complete replacement of a Laptop, desktop or Ultrabook then you may be wrong a little bit. Many people thinking after purchasing a tablet they can do all works that can be done by a traditional laptop.

Yeah it is right that using tablet you can do web surfing, can edit documents, view pdf files, play games , watch movies, listen songs and also it is very portable and light weight. But tablet is not the replacement of laptop, see how a tablet different from a traditional laptop.

"Tablet vs Laptop"

Tablet Vs Laptop General –

First of all tablets are just a big screen Smartphones , that you can do in smartphones same are applicable in tablet also. Some tablet come with Sim and some without sim. On a sim based tablet you can also make calls and access internet through 3G or GPRS as they have same network access antenna as like smartphones. In some tablet  additional features are also provided like direct USB port for data card or pen drive support. And some tablets are also having key board dock so that you can also connect a keyboard with them.

"Tablet Vs Laptop"

Tablets are having mostly touch interface for inputs, so for typing and navigation you have to depend only on touch screen. If keyboard dock are provided then keyboards are very costly and you have to carry yourself two things tablet and its keyboard.

In tablets you cannot do all productivity applications that one laptop can do due to its processor and OS limitations. Tablets are running on ARM based processor and chipsets and having OS like iOS in Apple, Android OS, blackberry OS, windows phone OS.

For example in MS office you can do all works very fast and having all the options, but in Tablets you have to edit documents in Quick office, polaris office or document to go like apps. In these apps you cannot do many things e.g. reviewing a document in track changes view. Making bullets and index , header- footer options, page setup and print preview. You can only simply edit texts and some basic things like bold, italic, font size. Even all the fonts will not work in Tablet document viewer.

You cannot do programming, photo editing in Adobe photoshop, website code building and testing.

I have also check that many online media streaming websites that not able to pull the videos due to non availability of suitable plugins inside tablet browser like divx plugin etc. They have plugin only suitable for windows based Operating systems.

In tablets and even smartphones all video chat options also not works like yahoo video chat, gmail and facebook video chat . You can do video chat with skype or directly from 3g.

"tablet vs laptop"

Tablet Vs Laptop Connectivity-

In tablet you can access internet only through network based services like gprs, 3g, 4g etc. and wifi. You cannot access internet or your LAN based services using Ethernet port.


Portability wise Tablets are better option than laptops as they are smaller in size, having very low weight. And  lighter weight batteries as low power requirement due to lighter chipset and processors.


If we see cost wise comparison then a good quality tablet may have same price as like normal configuration laptop. But in tablet you have many options like you can choose them as per screen size, OS, connectivity requirement etc. Low budget tablets are also available in market and you have a vast variety to choose tablets.

Tablet Vs Laptop Operating Systems-

Tablets are generally runs on Android, windows Phone OS, Balckberry OS and iOS. But you have limitations in these OS as you cannot customise them as per your need you cannot uninstall and install different OS as like laptops. For example in laptops you can dual boot your windows pc with linux also.

Installation of operating system in laptops is very easy as compared to Tablets and smartphones.

First of all you have to lose your warranty if you root your tablet OS and install any other OS. Also it is not an easy task to replace tablet or smartphone OS as you may also brick them a totally unusable device.

Tablet Vs Laptop  Conclusion –

Both tablet and laptop have their different uses as per your need but both cannot replace each other.

If you want a device that can do your basic needs like web browsing, play games, watch movies , view emails, and also want portability, you can go for Tablet. And if you want a device from which you want to do all productivity applications like office works, access LAN, programming, web site design, edit photos like in Adobe photoshop etc. then you have to must go for laptop.

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