Mar 112014
EDS Lite - An Android Apps to view truecrypt files

Truecrypt is a very useful free tool available for both windows and Linux platforms , using truecrypt you can create encrypted volume and folders. Even you can fully encrypt your hard-disk, this is also very useful as you can encrypt your USB mass storage deices e.g. Pen drives or external hard-disk , so in case of lost of your drive data will be safe. See the previous post regarding Truecrypt , I have recently found

Mar 122012
Androzip- An android apps to save your installed apps as apk files

Using Androzip File android apps you can save your installed apps as a apk file; .apk files are just like .exe file in windows with the help of them you can install an app without accessing android market. This is very useful android apps when you want to free up your phone memory to install some big size app, or when you have to factory reset your android mobile. You can take a backup of

Mar 042012
Note Everything App - An android apps to manage your notes

Note Everything App – An android apps to manage your notes- Using Note Everything  App you can create notes , back up your notes inside your memory card. You can also import your old noted of Outlook inside your android mobile . Actually using sync feature and import feature of your android you can upload your contacts , calender entries and emails but you cannot import notes of your Outlook inside your mobile. When I