May 242015
Android M is on the way (Android 6.0)

As Android Lollipop (Android L) already launched by Google that is Android’s version 5.0, now Google is planning to launch Android M that will be Android’s version 6.0. The name of Android M is not declared yet it may be Android Milk Shake, Android Muffin , Android Mint etc. Android Lollipop up gradation is going on in many Manufacturers and service providers , as of now only 10% devices approximately received the Lollipop update. This

Mar 162014
Top 10 benefits of rooting your Android phone

Top 10 benefits of rooting your Android phone For those who are not familiar with root or rooting word this post would be useful to know what one can do with rooted android phone. First of all you should know what is meant by term rooting, rooting of your phone is just like gaining administrator access in windows operating system. By rooting one can get access to all system files and apps so that these

Mar 162014
How to charge faster from usb your smartphones

How to charge faster from usb Most of people have noticed it that when they connect their smartphones to USB outlets of laptop or desktop PCs their phones takes a very long time to charge, sometimes two times as compare to standard AC wall charger. Lets first understand why it happens – Generally PCs USB port are not designed to charge a phone or such devices, their only purpose it to provide or power-up such

Jan 182014
How to increase your Android phone battery life without rooting

I have come around with many people having Android Phone complaining that their phone battery life drain very fast and even not lasts through a day. I have written in my previous post a lot of trick to increase battery Android phone battery life. In this post there are few more tips to increase the battery life so that you can use more juice from your battery and no need to worry about frequent charging.

Jan 052014
Share Favorite websites links using Pocket Android App

Share Favorite websites links using Pocket Android App  – You may have encountered this problem many times that during searching on Google, you found a very good website or blog that have all solution of your problem. And due lack of time you forgot to save that website into book mark and next time you didn’t found that link and struggles a lot to get that website. And the second situation you were searching the

Jan 052014
Android tips and tricks - How to print from Android phone

Android tips and tricks – How to print from Android phone  Popularity of Smartphones increasing very fast rate, now most of the people have smartphones or trying to get one. Android is the major proportion in the smartphone choice by the users. In this post I will tell you how to print from your Android smartphone or tablet or make pdf from browser/email so that you can print them easily. Suppose a situation you have

Mar 232013
How to download android apps from play store to PC

How to download android apps from play store to PC Google play does not allow their users to download apk files from play store to computer. The reason is google ensure and encourage that people should  download apps from play store to avoid any malware apps to malfunction android based devices, also google enforce people to use play store to avoid third party stores. There are some tricks using them you can install android apps

Mar 112013
Google Hindi Input for Android has been released

It was the most awaited android apps by Google as we Indian always want Google Hindi Input for our Android smart phone and tablet also. Now you can also type in hindi in your mobile as like you use for your desktop, see my previous post regarding this if you are still not using Google hindi input for your desktop PC. Google hindi input is the fastest way to type in hindi just type in

Mar 102013
Remote control your laptop using All in one remote android Apps

Android apps and your Android Smartphone can do many wonders for you such as remote control your laptop using bluetooth or wifi. For people those are involves in frequent presentations and the teachers/lecturers this is very useful function. Android smartphone can be used  as a mouse , power point slide changer. For enabling this feature you have to install All in one remote Android apps from google play store. After installing this android apps also

Mar 092013
What does mean by stock rom and custom rom

In many blogs and forums you might encounter these words that stock rom and custom rom in view of Mobile OS e.g. Android. But for newcomers it is a confusion what does mean by these terms.     Actually the original OS that come with your mobile/tablet provided by respective manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony, Apple , HTC are called stock ROM by developers. You can not change the system files, basic features of these

Mar 042013
Android guide for beginners

Android guide for beginners Android in the most famous operating system right now for mobile devices and tablets. Android developed by Android Inc. and later acquired by Google in 2005. Android OS is based on Linux kernel. That’s why it very much stable and free from many virus and bugs of windows. Day by day android users are increasing in the world, daily thousands of android devices purchased in worldwide: in the form of smartphone,

Oct 092012
Android tips and tricks - How to send files using bluetooth

Android tips and tricks – How to send files using bluetooth For new Android users it may be annoying that why there is no option found easily to send files using bluetooth to other mobiles. I am telling you some easy android tips and trick to send your mobile files easily using bluetooth. First of all many stock file manager that comes with your Android smartphones not having feature to send or share files using