Mar 262016
How to send auto delete email

How to send auto delete email You may have encountered this situation many times that by mistake an email sent with draft state/some correction required or sent to wrong recipient. You want to revoke the email or want that email will automatically deleted after some time but it is not possible. also known as Dmail come with solution of this, you can now sent an email that has delete button also, email will automatic delete

Jul 242013
How to login in two Gmail account in same browser

If you want to login in two different Gmail accounts or any other two/or more email accounts in same browser like hotmail, yahoo, rediff etc. you have to first logout first one otherwise same account will open in new window or new tab. There is one easy solution open two Gmail or any other email account in two different browser like open one account in Internet Explorer and second one in Firefox or Chrome browser.

Aug 152012
Hotmail Turns to

The most popular email service provider now turns to Hotmail is founded by Indian Sabeer Bhatia that is the first free email service provider thereafter acquired by Microsoft. Microsoft has changed the look of hotmail and also changed the name as Outlook has a UI just like metro interface of windows 8. It has ribbon interface. Using outlook you can interface skydrive and your live account simultaneously. Inbox provides live preview of

Jan 232012
How to send emails from another email address in gmail

How to send emails from another email address in gmail-  you can send emails from different email ID using your Gmail see how in this article. It may happens many times with you that your official outlook or exchange service was not working and you have to send an email from official email Id. But you could not have done because you can’t sent emails from gmail Id as it is not recognized and known by