May 112015
How to block unwanted game request on facebook

If you are from one who is annoyed very much with unwanted candy crush saga requests and unwanted messages than there is good news that Facebook has now enabled feature to block unwanted users or game requests. How to block unwanted game request on facebook To block unwanted game requests on facebook go to facebook settings, now click on blocking in left side menu. In next screen you will found some options to block a user

Feb 092012
How to secure facebook account from being victim of Hacking

How to secure facebook account : Today hacking has become a very big problem for online users, even your facebook account may become a victim of this. May be possible that one day when you want to check your facebook account your login may failed and from other friend’s account you may get to know that your status has been updated without your knowledge. It means your account has been stolen, to prevent this type of

Jan 022012
Now Facebook messenger for windows 7

Facebook messenger for windows: Facebook has launched messenger service for windows, currently it is available for windows 7. Messenger is a trial application that lets you use Facebook without being on While you surf the web or use other applications on your computer, you can: Chat and message with your friends on Facebook See the latest updates from your friends in ticker Get quick notifications about what’s going on During this trial period, facebook

Dec 092011
Mark Zuckerberg Private Photos hacked & Shared in Facebook Glitch

Mark Zuckerberg Private Photos hacked & Shared in Facebook Glitch Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg was caught up in the social networking site’s latest privacy glitch, as photos that would normally be kept private for exposed for public view. The photos don’t reveal anything overtly scandalous, just images that Zuckerberg chose to remain private, for his own personal reasons. Fourteen images were shared with a photo site and show Zuckerberg holding what appears to be

Sep 072011
Facebook birthday reminder free sms using google calendar

Facebook birthday reminder using google calendar : Never miss a Friend’s birthday again — On the request of many friends and visitors I am updating this post with more details so that you can easily configure your Facebook Friend’s birthdays inside your Google calender. Using free sms notification service of Google you will get birthday reminder inside directly to your mobile. You may have often missed your friends birthday or any important meet/appointment when you are out of town or any other