Nov 112017
How to translate a PDF File using Google Drive

Google drive has many hidden features about that many people are not aware. In our previous post we have mentioned that using google drive you can make a scan PDF file to OCR compatible. Which means you can copy and paste texts from a scanned document that is stored in the form of PDF. You can even translate a PDF or word/doc file that is stored in the Google Dive that is a very useful

Jan 042012
Use Free cloud computing to share large files

Use Free cloud computing to share large files. Many times I am hearing people to say that this file is 50Mb how to send it by email , attachment failure etc. There is a solution for this you can do either by Google doc, Microsoft live mail(now sky drive) and in yahoo Zumo drive . Every service provider have some of limitations e.g. in windows live skydrive you can upload a file up to 100mb,