Jul 152012
Google Maps Introduces Offline Map Feature Now

Google has launched offline map feature for their android users in Google Maps version 6.9, now you can download the map for the region you want to use offline. When you want to use Google maps you can used it without any data network or without wifi network. It was always a drawback of Google maps that you can not use it without data connection, in a place where data network or mobile network is not

Sep 112011
How to improve performance of Motorola Defy after 2.2 Froyo Update

After you have updated your Motorola defy to 2.2 froyo you find that your mobile become very slow and sluggish , many times hangs/freeze in google maps navigation. There is a very easy solution for this but you have to root your Motorola  defy first , remember that after rooting you may loss your warranty (if you would not  success to unroot your mobile again). As Motorola refuse to release any bug fixing update for defy