Jul 242013
How to login in two Gmail account in same browser

If you want to login in two different Gmail accounts or any other two/or more email accounts in same browser like hotmail, yahoo, rediff etc. you have to first logout first one otherwise same account will open in new window or new tab. There is one easy solution open two Gmail or any other email account in two different browser like open one account in Internet Explorer and second one in Firefox or Chrome browser.

Dec 062011
OPGW Cable- A technology for high rate data and voice transmission

OPGW Cable- Optical Ground Wire is technology by which high data rate transmission is possible through electrical transmission lines. OPGW is a composite wire which serves as a conventional overhead ground wire, with the added benefit of providing high capacity and reliable Fiber Optic communication to serve current and future needs. OPGW has fibres inside the tube surrounded by several metallic strands. The number, size and material of strands depend on the mechanical and electrical