Aug 152012
What is Wifi Hotspot feature in Mobiles

Using Wifi HotSpot feature you can turn your mobile as a Wifi router, most of all smartphone have this feature . See the situation that If you have one 3G or GPRS enabled sim and in your home you want to access the internet using your mobile. You have to either connect your laptop using data cable to use your mobile as a modem. But Other Wifi enabled devices cannot share your mobile internet. Using

Dec 162011

Public WiFi hotspots in coffee shops, libraries, airports, hotels, universities, and other public places are convenient, but they’re often not secure. When using a hotspot, it’s best to send information only to websites that are fully encrypted. You can be confident a hotspot is secure only if it asks you to provide a WPA password. If you’re not sure, treat the network as if it were unsecured. How Encryption Works Encryption is the key to keeping

Nov 152011

How to resolve dropping wifi connection of your laptop : Many times you may found that your laptops wifi connection dropping and reconnects again. There may be no steady repeated behavior for this but it is very frustrating , may be you have thought that there is problem of your wifi adapter  or inside your laptop. But before consulting your service centre or any hardware technician please try following settings may be these can resolve