Mar 192012
How to create a new partition from single volume in windows

  If you want you want to install two operating systems in your computer or laptop then you require an empty second partition to dual boot your PC from both the operating systems. For example if you have windows XP pre-installed in your PC and want to install Windows 7 or if you have windows 7 in your PC and want to install windows 8 consumer preview for testing purpose. One thing to remember that

Jan 022012
Now Facebook messenger for windows 7

Facebook messenger for windows: Facebook has launched messenger service for windows, currently it is available for windows 7. Messenger is a trial application that lets you use Facebook without being on While you surf the web or use other applications on your computer, you can: Chat and message with your friends on Facebook See the latest updates from your friends in ticker Get quick notifications about what’s going on During this trial period, facebook

Dec 192011
Windows 7 guide for beginners

Windows 7 guide for beginners : It is now more than 2 years after releasing windows 7 but people are still not using full features of Windows 7.  See once again revision of windows 7 new features: 1.      Windows 7 guide – Jump lists in Windows 7 — This is a very useful feature of windows 7 just like recent documents in XP and Vista. You can pin your more frequently use programs into taskbar e.g. Word,

Dec 062011
How to convert word and excel to PDF using ms office

How to convert word and excel to PDF using ms office: Many times you want to convert a word and excel to PDF for email attachment purposes and found that it has crosses the limit of attachments . Many Microsoft exchange servers uses inside office allow you to attach a 15-20 mb file at once. So how to convert a PDF in smaller size here is some of guidelines regarding this: 1. In Office 2007

Sep 302011
System Image restore windows 7

Use System Image restore in windows 7 to backup & restore your whole computer : You can restore your whole computer without need of Norton ghost by using windows 7 system image restore option, that is available in control panel settings. Many time this has happened to many people that their computer hard disk crashed, or due to some virus system failed to restart. Also due to sudden supply failure you boot file may be corrupt

Sep 072011

How to Install Windows 7 using pendrive – A 20 minutes installation guide :   I have post this blog because I found  it  very difficult when I first time install windows 7 in my laptop using DVD that came with the laptop. The installation stuck for hours on the windows showing expanding files some times on 11% and some times on 99% nothing has done . This position will remain same after 1 hour or