Jan 122013
How to enable Google Authenticator for wordpress

How to enable Google Authenticator for wordpress  Google Authenticator is a very useful and wonderful application by Google. Using Google authenticator you can secure your word press login and also secure many other online login accounts. Google Authenticator for wordpress secures your login from bot attacks and also secure your blog from unauthorized uses. What is Google Authenticator – This is an app for your android or apple smartphone that generate a six digit code

Nov 112012

How to insert youtube video into wordpress post You have seen many webpages where youtube video image is shown, and when you play video it will play itself inside a page. WordPress users can also insert a youtube videos inside a post or page using youtube embedded codes. For easiest solution you can also install WP UI TAB plugin it will allow you to directly paste you embedded codes inside a wordpress post or can

Nov 112012
15 Must have plugin for wordpress users

15 Must have plugin for wordpress users If you are a new wordpress user on self-hosted wordpress blog than you have to know some of best and must have plugin for wordpress. Plugins are just like an add-in to your wordpress application. Using these plugins you can customise your blog as per your need without knowing code of wordpress. For a newbie who don’t have knowledge of wordpress codes (these are in PHP) these plugins