May 022012

Tawkon- An android apps to alert you about radiation –

Tawkon is a free Android app  that tells you exactly how much electromagnetic radiation your handset is exposing to your brain and other organs, and informs you when to hold it away from your head . The app warns when radiation levels from a phone are high – taking into account the model, and what is transmitting through its aerials, and even offers tips on how to lower your radiation levels.

Tawkon android apps alerts you when your phone radiation level go beyond the safe limit, and also offers tips to help you lower it, the Daily Mail quoted its creators as saying.

The phone senses the activities of components inside the handset that lead to radiation ‘spikes’, and suggest you hold the phone away from your head – or even hang up. The app has been downloaded 10,000 times in less than a week.

This apps is available for android only Apple and other companies may launch later this type of app for their mobile OS after  success of this app.

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