Mar 162014

Top 10 benefits of rooting your Android phone

For those who are not familiar with root or rooting word this post would be useful to know what one can do with rooted android phone.

rooted android phone

First of all you should know what is meant by term rooting, rooting of your phone is just like gaining administrator access in windows operating system. By rooting one can get access to all system files and apps so that these can be modified as per needs. By default Android OS provided in your phone are locked by manufacturers so that it cannot be modified by users, it is safe also because any malware or using remote control your phone someone can change your Android phone OS or can fully control so that he can steal all the information from your phone. But not as always, if you know some of the facts about rooted phones you can still secure them from such hacking.

The second thing that prevents users to root their android phones is that after rooting warranty of their phone void, as manufacturers not provide warranty on rooted phones because any modification on OS can also damage hardware also.

Now take a look what benefits can we get from rooted android phone, one thing to remember that rooting is only dangerous we you continuous run your phone in such conditions that is not desirable by OS, like too much overclocking , undervolting your CPU too much, use high charging current etc. If you still uses stock rom after rooting or uses official custom roms like Cyanogenmod than there would be no such harm to your phone.

Let’s see Top 10 benefits of rooting your Android phone-

1. Installing Custom ROMs – Custom ROM are designed & developed by developers that is having many tweaks and benefits those are not available in stock ROMs, like call recording, upgraded android version, RAM and memory optimization, overclocking etc. Some of the examples of Custom ROMs are Cyanogenmod, MIUI, OMEGA ROM etc. For installing Custom ROM you have to first install custom recovery like Clockworkmod, TWRP or philz recovery.


2.  Overclocking/Undervolting – After rooting you can Overclock and Undervolt your CPU to increase performance. Some Manufacturers underclocked their phone’s CPU so that it will not crash and to save battery. But these processor many times successfully run after overclock e.g an 1GHz processor be safely overclock to 1.2 GHz. 

3.     Adfree your Android Phone – After rooting you can totally adfree your phone by installing Adfree like apps.

4.    Enabling Call recording –  By default inbuilt call recording facility is locked by manufactures but after rooting you can enable it without need of any extra third party app. And also recorded voice quality is also very good. In Samsung mobiles this can be done by Wanam xposed.

5. Installing Custom Kernel – Custom Kernels can made your system totally different, some of custom kernel examples are Boeffla kernel, Yank Kernel, Siyah Kernel, Googymax Kernel for Samsung devices (Mainly galaxy s3). Custom kernel allow you to overclock  CPU, change CPU governor like ondemand,powersave, performance etc. Also you can increase charging current to fast charge your mobile even you can change USB charging current. Can enable ZRAM, increase LED brightness, Low Memory app Killing setting. Also you can modified system sound settings like can enable HD voice and equalizer also sound can be increased for both speaker and headphones.

6.     Titanium Backup Pro – Titanium backup is very powerful and must have android apps for rooted users. Using Titanium you can backup all your user and system apps with data and user settings modifications as it is and later restore them if you changed custom roms too much. It is always desirable that only user apps should be backup because system files restoration may give you force close or system instability.

7.     Backup and Restore of complete ROM-  Using custom recoveries like CWM or TWRP you can take complete backup of your current ROM and later restore as it is without losing a single thing. This is very important feature of rooted mobiles.

8.     Battery Saving – Stock ROM may cause a huge battery drain due to unwanted apps running in background, and CPU governor settings, stock kernel etc. After rooting you can install custom kernel, can freeze or uninstalled system apps those are not of your use using Titanium Backup. Using Greenify app you can save battery even without freezing apps. See my previous post regarding How to save battery without rooting.

9.     System Mods, Themes & Customisation – After rooting you can change total look of your system files and OS. Like you can change colour of status bar icons, change their position, can make status bar transparent. Modded SMS app and dialer is possible. Most of the things can be done by Xposed installer that is the most powerful app for system theme modification. Samsung users can use Wanam xposed to change the look of your system. 

10.  Control over your Apps –  After rooting you can control your apps like firewalled apps using droidwall android apps, can change resolution using app setting apps, can limit apps to access system services, like using app OS you can restrict location services to such application those you do not want etc. 

This is about some of the benefits you can get after rooting your phones, but these are not limits here the list is very long, e.g. you can change system sounds, can mute boot sound or camera sound, can make your phone rotation to all angles and many more.

Before going to root you should first understand you are only responsible if something goes wrong or you brick your device, also your warranty will void so you should wait to complete your warranty period. There is a huge android development community and many forums available so first read carefully and understand the entire thing to start apply on your phone. XDA developers are doing very hard work to provide you all the good stuff and many custom ROM and tweaks. Find your device on XDA forums and then read all the things. Also visit Cyanogenmod website to understand the things.