Dec 072017

Google translate is a very wonderful Android app that allows the users to translate from any language (most speaking languages in the world). You can translate from one language to your desired language easily (from English to Hindi, Chinese to English and many more).

Using Google translate app you can even translate from any image, printed document or taking photo of any signboard. Just inside Google Translate app use camera icon and click the image of the document you want to translate. For translating highlight the texts using your finger to translate. If you are planning to go abroad, you can download your desired offline language data pack file in your mobile to avoid high data charges during international roaming. Due to these features Google translate app is a very feature reach and must have app for everyone.

Many users don’t know that they can now translate anywhere in their mobile with the help of Google Translate. For example you can translate your messages (SMS or Whatsapp), can translate inside the browser by selecting the text.

How to enable Google Translate anywhere feature into your mobile:

Go to the translate app settings, where you found tap to translate, “Enable” this and also enable “show notification”. See the screen shot below:

google translate

After enabling this whenever you select any texts and tap over copy icon, you will see a translate icon on top right side of screen. Tap this icon and select the desired languages you want to translate and you are done. You can use this feature anywhere inside your mobile. For example one screen shot is shown below where translate has been done inside Chrome Browser.


google translate-2