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After Samsung has refused to update Galaxy s3 with latest Android Kitkat ROM all Galaxy S3 users has disappointed that this phone is capable to run Android Kitkat but Samsung not updating it due to increase the sales of their other models like Galaxy S4, S5 , Grand 2 etc. Also Samsung given the statement that Galaxy S3 has only 1GB RAM it can’t be upgraded to Kitkat ROM. While the reality is that Galaxy S3 can be run successfully on Kitkat Version of Android as Android Kitkat can be run smoothly on the devices where 512MB RAM on the board. Samsung has put too many bloatware inside their ROM also touch-wiz user interface is too much RAM hogging so it can’t be run smoothly over Kitkat ROM.

galaxy s3 Omni rom

The last update of Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 made the phone too much slow and sluggish, earlier over Android 4.1 it was run smoothly. The user who face sluggishness can overcome little using Omega 4.3 ROM and using custom kernels like Boeffla and Yank etc. but still it is sluggish. Other option is that go back on Android 4.1 based ROM but users who have tested 4.3 don’t want to back on 4.1 ROM. The only final solution to get rid of all this situation is forget Stock based ROM and move to Custom Android Kitkat based ROMs like Cyanogenmod , Omni ROM, Temasek  ROMs. Although these ROM are under Nightly stage but now too much stable and can be used as daily used ROM. Before going on these ROMs you are warned that there is no any warranty given by their developers about any damage occur due to these ROMs to your phone or any other issues occurred after installing them. Also these ROM required rooting that will void your warranty if you have with manufacturer.

In these Custom ROMs you will miss some of the Samsung’s Stock ROM Features like Multi Window, Camera quality is not as good as Stock, FM radio might not there. But you will found a fast, smooth , responsive ROM and that is also latest Kitkat ROM too. In Cyanogenmod ROM camera quality is not good, I have found in Omni ROM that is also based Cyanogenmod that camera quality is quite good from Cyanogenmod.

Installing Omni ROM on Samsung Galaxy S3-

1. First root your Galaxy S3 if not rooted , for rooting see my earlier post

2. Install latest TWRP recovery from this link (can be installed using Odin easily)

3. Now download Latest Omni Nightly from here (use .zip file) and Kitkat Google Apps from here , it is recommended use PA-Gapps because whenever you update your phone you will not need to flash Gapps every time.

4. Omni ROM is not rooted, you have to flash super user by chain fire using this zip file from recovery.

5. Also install Boeffla kernel for more better experience, download Boeffla kernel for omni rom from here (use Omni 2.3a).

Before starting take backup of all your user data and also copy internal sd card into your computer. Take backup using Titanium backup if you have, backup your user apps, sms using sms and backup & restore appBackup your Efs folder using Es File explorer by giving root access , also backup efs using K-tool app from play store, this efs folder is inside root of your internal sd card and very much important carrying IMEI information of your phone. Also make nandroid backup of your current ROM using TWRP backup (in advanced backup check backup Efs, data, system data, boot), so that in case any issue you can come back again your current ROM as it is. Save backup inside your PC for more security.

Connect your phone with computer and usb cable and copy all above downloaded files under 1-5 inside your micro sd card. Now switch off your mobile and start into recovery using volume up pressed and pressing power button. Now in TWRP recovery tap on wipe , tap on advanced wipe and choose dalvik cache, cache, data & system data only , do not choose internal and external memory card, and wipe data.

Now back to TWRP main screen and choose Install and select file for Omni Nightly and install, after installing Omni boot the system , it will take some time for first bootup. Again go into recovery and flash PA app, Super-Su, Boeffla kernel.

And now you have done, now enjoy fast fluid and responsive experience using Omni ROM.

For going ahead first read complete instructions in various posts of Galaxy S3 (see the links below). Also root carefully, backup everything, Efs backup is most important.

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