Dec 052015

Use Facebook Lite to save data and mobile resources

Facebook inside Android Smartphone is a must have app for most of the users, but this app consumes lot of data if you have low data plans and also consumes lot of mobile resources. The app itself is a hefty in size (around 43 MB), and after installing it takes lot of memory of your phone (around 235 MB). It runs always in background and eats lot of RAM (64 MB or more) and mobile battery, also Facebook forces you to install its messenger app otherwise you won’t be able to see the messages. So now two apps you have in your mobile both are consuming lot of resources & data. On low end devices it is difficult to run Facebook app where RAM is 1 GB or less and runs over older versions of Android like Android 4.1 and earlier.

facebook lite

Facebook lite is designed to work with low end devices and for device which runs on lower data cellular plan. It sizes just 1 MB and after installing Facebook lite took only 3 MB user space. Facebook lite also consumes very less RAM (3 MB) and CPU resources thus work easily over lower end devices. For seeing messages you need not to install Facebook’s another messenger app and you save further more memory , RAM and CPU.

facebook lite -1

facebook lite -3

facebook lite -2

After uninstalling I found that my mobile runs faster and smoother. You can also run Facebook inside Chrome browser that is also give you same experience as like on Facebook app, the only difference is that you will not able to see push notifications.

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