Nov 122017

How to use whatsapp as a personal notes store

Whatsapp is very popular messaging service now, using Whats’app you can also send now pdf, doc files, images and videos. Many times you may have tried to send some important notes, document to self to save it to see later, but Whats’app not allow to send messages to self as like sms service of phone.

Here are some of tricks using that you can send yourself notes, images documents etc. even can send some typed message or recorded message also.

Steps for creating a personal store or notes folder inside Whatsapp:

First create a group having at-least one more member and name this group like notes/personal etc. Now go to group icon and remove the one user you have added. After that you will be the only member in this group.

Now you can send notes, texts, documents etc. in this personal group and can access anytime when needed without searching file manager or inside gallery.

Using whats’app it is now become very easier to search all the important things at one place. Like if you what to save any important document just take snap inside this group and no need to search in the photos that is a tedious task.