Jan 032013

You may have seen often in many websites and even magazines and newspapers such square box image with random black dots and small squares. These are called QR codes (Quick Response Code). These are two dimensional bar code to contain more information even your visiting card full information can be saved in QR codes.

"QR Code"

QR codes are now become very much popular as lots of people are now using smartphones , tablets. Every smartphone like Android , Apple, Blackberry, Windows Phone are having QR code apps. You can download them from respective apps store and install them. When you open QR code scanner app it uses your smartphones camera to scan QR and retrieve information stored with them.

QR codes are generally used by many product manufactures to provide web link of their product , by scanning that code one can directly reach to their product website. A QR code can have an information upto 4296 alphanumeric characters. As much the information increased as code pictures become more dense (Black dots inside the code ) , see the picture below.

"QR Code"

In the age of Smartphones there are many uses of QR codes like –

1. vCArd (Business Card) QR Code Generator, one can generate QR code with their business card and same can be used to attached in the email signature and can also be printed backside of visiting cards.

2. Wifi Profile can be saved

3. Location can be shared using Google Maps

4. Web links can be shared for related information, and many more can be found on internet.

How to make QR code for Business Card / Visiting Card –

Just Goto any of these sites http://goqr.me/http://www.qrstuff.com/  , http://www.moongate.ro/en/products/qr_code-vcard/

and type your contact information, in moongate you may get more fields to fill but I found goqr sufficient and it also works fine to save the contact inside your smartphone phonebook.

Now after generating you have two options either you can post the link for your Vcard QR code as provided these websites or you can download the image as it is. It is better if you choose the image size at least 150×150 pixel or higher because in smaller size image QR code scanner may have problem to read the characters properly.

Now you can print this image backside of your visiting cards and can also attach inside your email signature in Outlook or any other email service provider.