Jun 092012

Videocacheview– using this small software you can view your cached videos on all browsers. Even you have closed your bowsers or restarted your PC. The limit of stored offline cache is depending on your browser’s cache capacity. You can increase this as per your requirement. For Firefox I have mentioned in my previous post that how to increase your cache limit. You can play them and also save them any other locations. Download this software from here

using Videocacheview you can download youtube videos , online movies that already buffered , and any other videos that you have watched online using your browser.

For downloading once complete buffer the video then open this video cache view and select file and save it to any other location. Your browser cache is based on FIFO means first in first out so your old cached video will be replaced by new one as your offline cache limit has exceeded. Once you have downloaded the videos you can view them using FLV player or VLC player.