Jul 282013

Microsoft has released Windows 8 new version Windows 8.1 preview, that is under development version. Final version of Windows 8.1 will be released near to this year end ( may be at Christmas). In the previous post I have described how to install windows 8.1 preview. In this post we will see what is new in windows 8.1 preview.

There are many rumors before this release as many blog and technical websites were saying that new version of windows 8 is a service pack of existing windows 8. Some saying that this Windows blue new windows 8. Also many rumors about start button that Microsoft will again enable start button on this new version, but start button is still missing in this version also.

what is new in windows 8.1

What is new in Windows 8.1 Preview –

1. In windows 8.1 there is no start button still but you can have option to choose directly boot into desktop by bypassing windows tiles start screen.

2. In place of older start button one start screen preview is provided in the taskbar to open the start screen from this button.

3. In new windows 8.1 user has option to disable hot corner feature to preview of charm bar and start screen bar. Many time accidently when your mouse cursor goes to top right corner this charm bar appear that was very annoying.

4. The Skydrive is more strong binding with the OS, you can directly upload files to Skydrive, can also search files inside Skydrive too. There is no need of installing Skydrive software it is already inbuilt with the OS.

5. Searching feature enhance with more features for more details search results.

6. Windows 8.1 has been built for more Tablet friendly with enhance tile features and grouping of tiles.

7. Desktop user can arrange desktop application related tiles on the first start screen for more fast approach to desktop related applications.

8. Windows settings can be accessed easily with PC- Settings from charm bar , all the settings option are made available here , no need to go desktop control panel.

9. In windows 8.1 Internet explorer 11 has been introduced with more performance and full screen better browsing experience for both desktop and tablet users.

10. On lock screen now Photo slide show can be placed with picture from local or Skydrive.

11. On Start screen of tiles users can set same wallpaper as of dektop.

12. App store has been made more enhanced with more apps options and advanced features.

13. For tablet users improvement has been made for onscreen keyboard.

14. In windows 8.1 Tablet or laptop can be made a Wifi hotspot to share internet as like Android Devices.

15. In Windows 8.1 user has option to create multiple size of tiles as per their priority of apps.

16. In Windows 8.1 Preview, few changes under the hood to make your DirectX  games look even better and run even more smoothly. New GPU scaling lets you dynamically  resize your frame buffer to keep your 3D graphics smooth, while hardware multiplane overlay support keeps your gorgeous 2D art and interfaces looking their best in native resolution.

17. Microsoft ensuring that Windows 8.1 Preview will be provided enterprise-grade security through enhanced access control, improved data protection, and new features that make devices less susceptible to malware threats.

With the above features inclusion some of the Windows 8 features are missing in Windows 8.1-

1.  The legacy Windows 7 Backup program, which allows you to capture an image backup of your system, is gone. The opportunity to restore a backup created using that tool is still there, but you can’t create a image backup of your device running the Windows 8.1 Preview. This was a very great feature we think this shall be provided again in final version.

2. If you go to the System Properties dialog box, you’ll find that the Windows Experience Index is no longer displayed, and there appears to be no way to make it appear.

And may be many other features changes that will come into picture by the time.

You can download windows 8.1 preview features PDF files from here

Also to see what is new click over this link

Show the video for what is new in windows 8.1 preview-

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