Aug 152012

Using Wifi HotSpot feature you can turn your mobile as a Wifi router, most of all smartphone have this feature .

See the situation that If you have one 3G or GPRS enabled sim and in your home you want to access the internet using your mobile. You have to either connect your laptop using data cable to use your mobile as a modem. But Other Wifi enabled devices cannot share your mobile internet. Using Wifi Hot spot you can connect at least 5 wifi devices with your mobile using Wifi. You can use your mobile internet in your laptop, Tablet phone and other wifi enabled mobiles.

Just go to settings in your mobile and turn on wifi hotspot also enable your mobile’s data connection. Now go to Wifi Hotspot configuration settings and see the Wifi Hotspot SSID ( the name broadcast by device over wifi) and the key. You can also change the wifi security key as per your requirement.

Now in your laptop or mobile search wifi networks and connect to your mobile wifi hotspot network, when ask for key type the key same as in your mobile.

It is a very good feature for wifi device users.

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