Aug 122012

Why one should go for Linux OS

For a regular windows user it is like a nightmare to install Linux OS and use for that for daily use.

But nowadays Linux interface has improved very much now a windows user can also use and install Linux easily and can work easily through it with graphical interface. One can use throughout all its functions just like windows without any commands to remember.

The most popular Linux distributions are (also called Linux distro) Ubuntu, Linux mint, Fedora, Open suse, Red Hat, debian , puppy linux. The most popular one is Ubuntu that is easy for installation and use for beginners.

First of all it to clear that those think Linux is very outdated and used very rarely in the world and windows is the main operating system are wrong. Linux is the most used OS in all the devices; you will found Linux or UNIX everywhere. The most popular mobile OS Android is also a Linux version, the Mac OS of Apple. The most powerful Super computers are also run by Linux. You will found Linux in every small gadget in your printers, routers firmware. The reason to use of linux/unix most of devices are that it can be customised to very small size to very big size as per requirement; in a mobile it can be of 30-50 mb or in a super computer it can be in GBs. The most important thing is that linux is very stable, the devices run from linux can continue run even for years without any single restart. There is no need to restart when you update its OS.

Linux kernel is based on C language and all its code are available online, one can also customise his OS as per his need by changing codes.

Most Linux OS come with Live CD or USB you can check compatibility of your hardware and drivers without installing it to your hard drive. Ubuntu also come with wubi installer, you can use ubuntu by installing it into your windows just like a program. And you can uninstall it when you don’t want to use anymore.

See what are the various benefits found in a Linux OS–

–        Linux is an open source OS and free to use ,you will not required pay any money even you can install as many as PC using one Linux CD

–        There is no need to pay also money for Office suites as like windows, you have to purchase MS –office separately to do your office works like word, excel, ppt.

–        Linux is very secure and free from windows based virus and malwares, Also you need not to purchase any antivirus software.

–        All your daily needs work you can just do with directly from desktop no need to install any other application for chatting and emails

–        Linux is very fast and reboot and shut down time is also very less you can start your works very fast and not need to continue refresh.

–        Your old computer can also work well in Linux there is no need of hardware upgrade.

–        There is no time to time maintenance is required just like in windows, e.g. disk defragment, registry cleaner, cleaning of hard disk. Your PC will remain as fresh as it was at the time of installation. In windows it is gradually slow down by the time.

–        You can encrypt your volumes and home folders.

–        You can customise your desktop environment and OS as per your requirement without reinstalling the OS.

–        There is easy upgrade is available when new version of OS released you can upgrade just by your internet.

–        You can also use your MS office and various windows games, programs using wine and play on linux applications.

–        You can test your network and wifi security using linux.

–        You can install it into your USB stick and can use it any PC

–        Most of Linux applications and games are free to use.

–        A very large community and forums are available for your help online without any charge

–        Linux is very good OS for programmers, it has all capability to develop softwares and to test them. For android apps developers it is also a good platform.

These are the various aspects to choose linux OS over windows .