May 242015

Why Windows 10 will be the final release from Microsoft

Microsoft has decided that Windows 10 will be the last OS release from their side, there will be no further releases like Windows 11, 12, 13….. Users have to only purchase once Windows 10 and in future they will release new versions via windows update, no need of purchase windows again and again. Also Windows 10 and further releases works on all devices e.g. Laptop, Desktop, Tablet PC and Smartphone. The single OS has all the features that can work on any platform. The PC version will be the first made available, while Windows Phones users will have to wait.


Windows 10 will also a free upgrade for existing Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users that is also a major decision taken by Microsoft. The company confirmed Mr Nixon’s comments in a statement issued to the Verge, emphasising there would continue to be a “long future of Windows innovations”.

As per the statement of Microsoft employee Jerry Nixon, a developer evangelist speaking at the company’s Ignite conference the future of  Windows will be as a service where future upgrades performed automatically. The idea goes far beyond the Windows Updates that are in place today. The users have option to choose windows update as continuous basis as 24×7 or have option to update periodically in bundled form. This strategy also reduce burden on support and service provided for different version of Windows as all the devices in world will be having same OS version so that they can concentrate on future updates ,apps and adding new features to the windows.

The same strategy already applied by Apple for Linux based OS’s like Ubuntu LTS where users get new versions via updates.

  • Anshul Verma

    Gate is window not US…..the largest revolution in the history of world.