Mar 122012

If you are using your wordpress blog on godaddy hosting and want to use subscribe2 plugin for email notifications then your have to do some settings for your wordpress blog unless you are not able to send email notificatiions using subscriber2.

When I was not aware about subscriber2, I was using jetpack for subscription but Jetpack having dis-advantage that it will send you a full post in emails not excerpts that is desired , also you can not manage your subscribers only sunbscribers have choice to unfollow.

Settings for subscribe2-

  1. first install subscribe2 plugin
  2. now make a user that is having email associated with your domain e.g.
  3. now in subscriber2 settings from field use this user.
  4. Now install wp mail smtp plugin
  5. in smtp plugin do the settings as like below-

Now test your subscribe2 settings bu sending test email, also choose from field in safe secure contact form and will work as a charm for you.

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  • Hi, My webhost suspended my account to due sending mass mails (16 emails sent in 1 minute) as I’ve 16 users and thus 16 emails were sent. If I use above method, will I be suspended again? I mean Can I use subscribe2 by above setting without being suspended?

  • admin

    This settings for godaddy hosted wordpress website, because godaddy not allows to send email from another email account. You have to choose your own domain email address to send emails to your subscriber. After applying this my subscribe2 plugin working fine and sending all email notification via it. There is no problem I think upto 150 email once. for more information contact your webhost provider. And also check support about how many emails you can send in a day using your hosting plan.