Jul 112015
Omitra - Train Social app

Omitra Train Social App OMitra is an Indian Rail Social app (available at Android play store), this app has been designed to solve most of the common problems that faced by passengers in Indian train perspective. Imagine a scenario when you are in a Train journey and sudden requirement of any medicine, you have to ask in your coach about medicine one by one to all passengers if you have failed than you have to

Jun 132015
The best smartphones under the tag of Rs.3000

The best smartphones under the tag of Rs.3000 Gone are the days when only someone with a luxurious budget could own a quality smartphone. With so many companies launching new smartphones every now and then, you are literally spoilt for choice. But with so many choices, it also gets confusing which one to choose and which is the best one as per our requirements. Here is a list of budget quality smartphones to make this

May 312015
How to install SSD (Solid State Drive) in Computers

How to install SSD (Solid State Drive) in Computers What is SSD – According to Wikipedia SSD (Solid State Drive) is a data storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently. SSD technology uses electronic interfaces compatible with traditional block input/output (I/O) hard disk drives, thus permitting simple replacement in common applications. SSD use Nand based flash memory, which retains data without power. SSD does not have any moving or spinning part or mechanism like conventional hard drives

May 282015
Dual OTG Pen drive : Smart way to increase phone memory

Dual OTG Pen Drive : Nowadays Smartphone become an essential gadget for everyone, either you are a student, businessman, employee in any company or even homemaker. By increasing number of apps  smartphone now using a huge amount of memory to handle app data, email attachments, photo, media etc. By some extent one can survive with low internal memory if the phone or tablet has micro sd card slot. But if you have a phone that is

May 242015
Why Windows 10 will be the final release from Microsoft

Why Windows 10 will be the final release from Microsoft Microsoft has decided that Windows 10 will be the last OS release from their side, there will be no further releases like Windows 11, 12, 13….. Users have to only purchase once Windows 10 and in future they will release new versions via windows update, no need of purchase windows again and again. Also Windows 10 and further releases works on all devices e.g. Laptop,

May 242015
Android M is on the way (Android 6.0)

As Android Lollipop (Android L) already launched by Google that is Android’s version 5.0, now Google is planning to launch Android M that will be Android’s version 6.0. The name of Android M is not declared yet it may be Android Milk Shake, Android Muffin , Android Mint etc. Android Lollipop up gradation is going on in many Manufacturers and service providers , as of now only 10% devices approximately received the Lollipop update. This

May 212015
How to limit data using metered connection in windows 8

How to limit data using metered connection in windows 8 If you have limited data plan in your mobile and want to use internet in your laptop or tablet using wifi hot spot of your mobile it is not a wise choice as windows don’t understand that it is a limited data plan or normal wifi connection. Windows works like as usual to update windows, ms office, antivirus and this way it will cost too

May 212015
How to enable classic print preview in MS Office 2010 and higher

In MS Office 2010 or higher print preview has been embedded inside print tab not as like classic print preview where you can see the full screen print preview with page setup. To see the print preview you have to click on file and print in both MS Word and MS Excel, where print option and preview are both combined. It is not as useful as earlier print option where we can see full screen

May 122015
Yu Yuphoria Launched at Rs. 6999

Micromax has launched today Yu Yuphoria phone at Rs. 6999/- . Yu Yuphoria is a second launch by Micromax subsidiary Yu Televentures after Yu Yureka’s grand success. And as per phone specs and price there is no doubt that this phone will also big hit in India. Lets see Micromax Yu Yuphoria features – Yu Yophoria has metal frame with soft plastic at back, it has 5 inch IPS display with 720p resolution (294ppi) guarded by

May 112015
How to block unwanted game request on facebook

If you are from one who is annoyed very much with unwanted candy crush saga requests and unwanted messages than there is good news that Facebook has now enabled feature to block unwanted users or game requests. How to block unwanted game request on facebook To block unwanted game requests on facebook go to facebook settings, now click on blocking in left side menu. In next screen you will found some options to block a user

May 102015
How to activate two step verification for Microsoft Account

Using Two Step Verification for Microsoft Account you can double secure your account with extra layer of security using Microsoft Authentication app or codes receive on your mobile. Google has using the feature from long time now in Microsoft also you can use two step verification, for Google account see this previous post how to enable and use two step verification – Google Two Step Verification For Microsoft account (hotmail, outlook.com, windows) see below how to setup Two Step

Feb 132015
Microsoft has launched Microsoft Health App

Microsoft has recently launched Microsoft Health App that is available for iOS, Android & Windows platform. Microsoft Health is a cloud-based service that helps you live healthier by providing actionable insights based on data gathered from the fitness devices and apps that you use every day. Activity-tracking devices like the new Microsoft Band, smart watches, and mobile phones plus services like RunKeeper or MyFitnessPal connect easily to Microsoft Health. Using this fitness data and our